About Us

Our Mission


MidSouth Pug Rescue Inc takes in stray, homeless, and abused Pugs in the MidSouth area surrounding Memphis, TN.  The pugs are then spayed or neutered, tested for diseases and parasites, and given appropriate shots and medical care.  

Our process

MidSouth Pug Rescue attempts to match each pug's personality with the lifestyle and needs of persons willing to adopt. In the meantime, Pugs are placed in safe and loving volunteer foster homes while waiting for adoption. MidSouth Pug Rescue Inc does not have a facility, but relies on a network of volunteers to open their homes to these rescued Pugs.

Our people

We are all pug lovers just like you.  We don't get paid and usually spend our own money when funds are short.  If you'd like to join our group of volunteers, let us know.  The pugs need us.