Things to know


Looking to Adopt? Things you need to know.

Please read this carefully before you contact us with your questions.  Thanks!

When we have pugs available, we'll post them here first:

We are located in the suburbs of Memphis, TN.  If approved, you will need to arrange to come here to pick up your pug.  We no longer transport to people we don't know. 

Our standard adoption fee is $300; it will be more or less depending on the age and health of the pug.  All pugs will be neutered/spayed, inoculated, treated for any treatable diseases, microchipped and given a harness/leash and either a bed or blanket to call their own. 

The fee only covers part of our costs; we are all volunteers and take no pay, and pay the difference out of our pockets.  We hold fundraisers and accept donations.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, so your donations are tax-deductible.  Please do not ask us to give you a pug because you have no money.  If you have no money, how will you afford to take care of the pug after you adopt?

We rarely get in puppies unless they are sick or injured.  We get the parents after the puppies are adopted out and they are no longer useful to the breeder.  On rare occasion when we do get a puppy, we go through our applications on file first.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us, thanks!



Other Faqs

Bishop was in rough shape when he came to us.  He's doing great now in a forever home

How do I surrender a pug?

Contact us and we'll send an owner-surrender form.  Be prepared to share a recent photo and latest vet records, if any.   Let us know if you can get the pug to us.  We are in Memphis, TN.

How can I foster a pug?

Fill out our foster application.  Most of our fosters are local to the Memphis area so they can be near our vet, but we occasionally need homes in other parts of Tennessee

What does fostering entail?

Our fosters are vital to our organization.  They treat the pug as their own, providing food and shelter, while observing behaviors and reporting issues.  Fosters will sometimes need to provide basic house training, especially if the pug has come from a puppy mill or bad situation.  Fosters do get first opportunity to adopt.  Foster care can range from a few days to many months, depending on the severity of the pug's issues.

How else can I help?

Can't adopt or foster?  Here are other ways you can help:


Shopping on Amazon anyway?  Shop through Amazon Smile (same price, same items) and MSPR will receive a donation every time!

Want to buy something to donate to us?  Here's our wishlist:

Or shop directly in our online store:

Shop at Kroger.   Once you register your Kroger card, MSPR will receive a donation every time you swipe your card!  Here's how to register:

1. Go to and click "Enroll Now" under your state/region.

2. Have your card number ready to enter, then choose MidSouth Pug Rescue (or enter code RS322)

3.  Then use your Kroger card when you shop!

Once you register your Kroger card, MSPR will receive a donation every time you swipe your card! It doesn't take anything away from your discounts or fuel points, it just gives us a little bit, so help us save pugs just by grocery shopping.  It's that easy! 


Donate directly to MidSouth Rescue in the following ways:  

Paypal -

Check or money order - send to MidSouth Pug Rescue Inc, P.O. Box 4252, Cordova, TN  38088